Year 9 Textiles Workshop

Some of our Year 9 students got the opportunity to take part in the first of our Textiles workshops with an award winning Textiles and Graphics designer, Layla Chauhan.

Laya started her career after graduating with a first class degree from Edinburgh University and since then has achieved many accolades in both Textile and Graphics design.

Our students were able to see Layla's work, hear her talk about her career so far, as well as being taught some textile techniques that were built up in layers and inspired by her ‘Brick Lane’ series.

It was great to analyse the fabrics she has created and talk about all the opportunities that her Textiles qualifications has given her.” Ocean, Year 9.

Layla was very informative about what you could do in the future with Textiles qualifications. It was really fun.” - Abigail C, Year 9.

It was very engaging. We got so see her work and properly experiment with new ideas and techniques.” Sebastian, Year 9