Activities Week

From Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July, it was our annual Activities Week. This exciting and ambitious week, takes students’ learning beyond the classroom and provides them with the opportunity to gain a wide range of enriching experiences in different settings.

The week began, on Monday 3rd July, with all students participating in a Careers Day, which saw students think about their futures by exploring a range of careers they may not have considered, to hearing from industry professionals. Students also evaluated their current skill set and thought about what careers might match their skills. 

On Tuesday 4th July, the majority of the school headed to Hillingdon Athletics Track for Sports Day. This was an exciting day and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, in an atmosphere of true school spirit. Students arrived at the track raring to go! A competitive, yet supportive, spirit was in the air, as tutor groups proudly displayed their tutor group banners and cheered on one another in each event.

Across Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Year 7, 8 and 9 students all got a chance to take part in a fabulous Enterprise Day, organised by Ms Carstens. During the day, students worked in groups on a mini enterprise project, which saw them research, plan and present their ideas for a brand new trainer design and marketing campaign. Students from each tutor group took part, first within their forms, then the winning group from each form got the chance to present their pitch to our panel of judges in front of their year group! Students brought their A game and there were an array of interesting, entertaining and sustainable designs presented. Move over Sir Alan Sugar!

Next, on Thursday 6th July, it was a big day for trips at the school, with 150 of our Year 7 students heading out for the residential to Disneyland Paris departing, alongside the Year 8 Places of Worship trip and the Year 10s who had a choice of trips on the day between: Up the O2, Woburn Safari Park and Regent’s Open Air Theatre. Everyone had a fantastic time, with Tawhed, Year 10, who bravely climbed the O2 commenting: “I can’t believe that I got the chance to climb the O2. This is definitely a school memory I will not forget.” 

Also, Cassie, Year 10, who went to watch Robin Hood at the theatre, told us: “This trip was so fun. The theatre in Regent’s Park was really cool and the play was wicked. I had a great day!”

Finally, on Friday, the Year 9 students headed to RAF Hendon to learn about diversity in the RAF during World War II. Trip leader, Ms Horton said: “It is always a privilege to teach an element of my subject (History) beyond the classroom. I really hope the students have valued their time exploring the museum and enjoyed the thoughtful workshop they have attended today.”

Ms Ohana, Assistant Headteacher, who leads the week, said: “Running Activities Week for almost 1,000 students is a challenging venture! Ensuring that students have enriching and worthwhile experiences, whilst learning and remaining happy and safe is what it is all about. It is a joy to watch students achieve in ways they don’t expect to or gain a new skill or perspective they did not have at the start of the week. It is one of the best things about working in education - I’m already looking forward to next year.”