Government and Politics

Why Study Government and Politics?

Politics is all around us and affects all of our lives. If you choose to study politics you will look at some of the following questions:

How does Parliament work? How powerful is the Prime Minister? How did President Trump get elected? Why is it legal to carry a gun in the USA? What are the main ideas in modern politics and where did they come from?

The Politics department has an outstanding track record of results, regularly ranked in the top 25% of sixth forms nationally. A team of expert teachers help to make every lesson engaging.

Students will study: 

Paper 1 - Government and politics of the UK 

Paper 2 - Government and Politics of the USA and comparative politics

Paper 3 - Political Ideologies Assessment: questions and one short-answer section.

Examination board: AQA

Extra-curricular: In Year 12 students visit the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. In Year 13 students will have the opportunity to visit the USA. There will be the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Institute of Ideas debating matters competition.