Personal Development

At Ruislip High School we believe that personal development plays an integral part in ensuring students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed, both now and in the future. Our personal development curriculum includes: relationships, sex and health education (RSE); citizenship and British values; personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE); religious education; careers; and wider enrichment opportunities.

Throughout their time at Ruislip High School, students undertake a carefully planned and sequenced personal development journey to ensure they are able to live confident, healthy, independent lives as individuals, and as members of society. The personal development curriculum equips students with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions. The curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to enquire into human questions, to reflect on their own beliefs, values and understanding in the light of their study and to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Effective personal development is a key component in our approach to safeguarding our students through the curriculum. It creates a place in the curriculum where difficult questions can be tackled within a safe but challenging context. It provides opportunities for students to learn about, understand and discuss world-wide topics such as relationships, drugs and alcohol, peer influences, gangs, extremism, and radicalisation. 

The personal development curriculum is delivered through: cultural studies and citizenship lessons, which are taught by specialist teachers; tutorial sessions planned by specialist teachers; a comprehensive assembly programme; our comprehensive careers programme; and through our extensive extracurricular opportunities including trips, visits, talks from speakers and the wide range of activities offered as part of our Above & Beyond programme. 

We also encourage students to contribute to the school community and to society. There are student leadership opportunities available including Year 9 ambassadors, Year 11 prefects and Sixth Form Student Leaders. Students from each tutor group also join the Year Team Council (YTC), focusing on curriculum, teaching and learning, and the Parliament, focusing on matters beyond the classroom. Both the YTC and Parliament meet with the Headteacher termly.