Why Study Law?

Have you ever wondered how to train for a career in the legal system? Have you ever thought about the differences between murder and manslaughter? Considered when someone can sue for the injuries caused by the carelessness of others? Or thought about how far the law should reflect moral rights and wrongs? 

If the answer is yes to some or all of these, then Law is a subject that will interest you. 

You will gain an understanding of key areas of civil and criminal law as well as how the legal system works in England. Many students go on to study Law at university and pursue careers in the legal profession.  

Students will study:

Paper 1 - Criminal Law and the English Legal System 

Paper 2 - Tort and the English Legal System  

Paper 3 - Human Rights 

Assessment (AQA)

Multiple choice questions and longer answer questions which will require students to apply their understanding.  

Law is taught by a strong team of expert teachers and results at Ruislip High School are regularly ranked within the top 25% of sixth forms nationally, and have been placed in the top 1% of all sixth forms nationally for law. 

Extra curricular

In Year 12 students visit the Old Bailey. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the MUNGA trip to New York City.