The Above & Beyond Award

The purpose of the award is to recognise the students who take up all opportunities in school to enrich their wider understanding of the world and have a passion for learning beyond the classroom. 

A range of enriching experiences, opportunities and all of our Above & Beyond clubs have been included in one of the following four categories: community, physical, creativity and culture. 

Each category has bronze, silver and gold criteria. When students meet the criteria under each category, they will earn a bronze, silver or gold award for the category. The themes found under each category are shown in the table below: 

Community Physical Creativity Culture
Leadership Sport Global Enterprise
Environment Adventure Creativity Diversity
Commitment Self-discipline Problem-solving Appreciation
Service Health & Wellbeing Oracy Literacy

The full criteria for the Above and Beyond award can be found in the linked document below.

Each criteria level has been developed to allow students to progress across the levels over their time at Ruislip High School. We are incredibly excited about this new award and we are sure it will give our students the opportunity to develop their character beyond the classroom.

Students can submit their application for their Above & Beyond award at any time via this form. The awards are then bestowed to any qualifying student at the end of every term.