Key Stage 4

The purpose of the Latin curriculum at Ruislip High School is to provide students with an opportunity to study a classical subject and to develop a high level of literacy in both Latin and English. The curriculum incorporates grammar and vocabulary as well as linguistic competences. It also requires students to develop an acute attention to details and to widen their memory and retention skills.  

In lessons, students will apply their knowledge of the language through translation and develop their cultural capital and analytical skills through the study of literature. Students will study a variety of topics as well as use authentic materials such as stories and books to enhance their cultural awareness. They will also study aspects of the Roman world and its influence on today's society to consider historical and sociological changes. 

In prose and verse literature, students study Latin set texts and answer questions in English on aspects of content and analyse, evaluate and respond to the ancient literature they have studied.

The prescribed texts for 2022 - 2024 examination are: 

From the Cambridge Latin Anthology (for the Prose Literature Paper): 

1) “sagae Thessalae” by Apuleius 

Lines 1–96, ( up to iuvenis ... obtexi). 

2) “personae non gratae - Pythius” by Cicero

Lines 1-22 (whole text).

From the Oxford Classical Text (for the Verse Literature Paper):

“Aeneid”, Book 6 by Virgil

Lines 295–316; 384–416; 679–712; 752–759; 788–800.

Examination Board

OCR Latin Specification:  

% Components 

End of Year 11 Formal Examinations: 

50% Language

25% Prose Literature 

25% Verse Literature

Extra-Curricular Activities

Year 10 & 11 Latin trip to Italy (biennial)