Class Charts

The introduction to Class Charts continues to significantly improve the communication systems between the school and parents/guardians as well as allowing the school to reduce the amount of paper used and therefore move towards a more sustainable future.

The app and website gives parents/guardians an overview of their child's day at school including:

  • an insight into the specific rewards and sanctions received both inside and outside the classroom;

  • daily updates on attendance;

  • reminders about any detentions.

The app allows parents/guardians to report absence which makes recording student appointments or absences much easier, and allows parents/guardians to provide supporting documents.

We have also started to use the announcement tool to send parents/guardians quick reminders rather than emailing or sending a letter, and this is an area that we will continue to work to improve.

In order for this app to be a complete success we need all parents/guardians to have access and be comfortable using the app. Please follow the instructions below to sign up should you not already have access:

Parent guide

Click here.