Food and Nutrition

Our intention is to ensure students have the knowledge within health and nutrition to help improve and maintain their general wellbeing. Alongside learning the government guidance to nutrition, students will develop practical skills that will serve them in preparing meals both in and outside of school. Over the course of KS3, students will embark on a journey where they will embed a deeper understanding of nutrition and learn how our lives are impacted by food and exercise. During this time, students will gain an invaluable sense of independence as they start to tailor their recipes to their tastes, whilst also being able to work safely and independently, understanding the different types of dangers associated with cooking. 

Year 7 

Students will start to learn the government guidelines and the eatwell guide initiative. From there they will dive deeper into the different macro and micronutrients that make up a healthy balanced diet. During this time students will also start to practise their skills using a wide variety of cooking techniques and utensils such as knives, stoves, grills, ovens, mixers and blenders. Students will be making dishes that can serve as snacks, treats and dinners. Students will also utilise design skills from other parts of their curriculum by participating in the Ruislip High School cake design. 

Year 8

Students will build upon their knowledge of a balanced diet and start to apply it to themselves and others. They will discover different diets, making use of nutritional analysis, meal planning, how the body digests food and energy balance. Students will also start to practise making more meals that are influenced by foods and cultures from around the world. By the end of the second year, students will be able to read, follow and adjust a recipe to their liking, so they find enjoyment in making something and will want to do again at home. 

Year 9 

Students will have the opportunity to learn further by taking part in taster PE GCSE and BTEC tech award lessons as part of their PE curriculum. Within these, students will enrich their knowledge by understanding the importance of nutrition and how it benefits our health and wellbeing, but also, our sports performance.