Year 9 Get Involved in the Young Green Briton Challenge 2024

On Friday 26th January, every student in Year 9 was given the chance to participate in the Young Green Briton Challenge. This exciting project is a national platform to nurture, support and celebrate youth-led, school-based climate action. The challenge uses an adapted design thinking curriculum to enable young people to design entrepreneurial solutions to local climate issues.

The full day ‘Design Sprint’, saw members of the Young Green Briton team hosting a series of workshops and activities to develop the students’ green skills, teamwork and social action. Our Year 9 students got stuck in, working collaboratively to tackle a host of climate issues raised. All students enjoyed the chance to work together, be creative and attempt to find solutions to real world problems. 

Dorentina, 9A, said: “Taking part in today’s challenge has been really great. I have had a wonderful time planning with my team thinking about how to reduce our plastic usage. I think this is a chance for young people to share their ideas and for adults to listen to us - we have some good ideas!”

Thank you to Ms Hide for organising the event and for all of the staff who supported the event throughout the day. We would also like to thank the team from the Young Green Briton Challenge for bringing their enthusiasm and expert knowledge to the day - you helped to generate some excellent conversations between our students.