Year 12 Take Part in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Olympiad Competition

On Monday 5th February, 2024, a group of Year 12 students entered the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry’s Olympiad Competition.

To enter, nine of our students have completed the first round exam. The competition is renowned for being exceptionally challenging, as some of the questions require answers that are beyond the current A level chemistry specification. If successful, individual students can receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate indicating their level of attainment. 

The top thirty students from round one will be selected to progress to a second round of the competition at Nottingham University, which will take place during the Easter holidays. If students progress even further, there is even the chance for them to represent the UK at an international round of the competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the summer. 

Good luck to all of the students who have taken part!