GCSE Drama Trip to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

On Wednesday 11th January, 2023, the Year 11 GCSE Drama students headed into central London to watch a performance of ‘Hakawatis: Women of the Arabian Nights’. This new play, focused on the power of storytelling and reimagined ancient tales from the perspective of strong and unapologetic women. 

The Year 11 GCSE Drama cohort are currently working on their own practical pieces, which will be examined later in the spring. Having the opportunity to go and watch a live production at this time is incredibly valuable; the students can see their subject in action and gain inspiration from techniques they’ve now seen used on stage. 

Alexia, Year 11, said: “It was inspiring to see such a complicated story told so engagingly. It was great to see the skills we learn in school performed in real life.”

Beyond gaining an insight into the subject in a real world context, the class also enjoyed the themes of the play and that women were put front and centre. Giselle, Year 11, told us: “It was really empowering to see a story about women freeing themselves. It was complex, but entertaining.”

Thank you to Mr Randall and Mr Sills for accompanying the students to the performance. We are certain it was a worthwhile experience and has enhanced the students’ passion for the subject. As Liberty, Year 11, summed up: “Girl power!”