Year 7 Astronomy Evening

On Thursday 11th January, approximately 50 Year 7 students joined the Science Department for one of their annual winter events: Astronomy Evening. 

Heading back into school after dark, and ensuring they were wrapped up warm, the students joined members of staff, in the hope of viewing stars and planets in our school’s EcoHub. A fantastic evening was had by all in spite of the full cloud cover! The students learnt how to set up a telescope and about key objects that are located in the universe and within our solar system. 

Despite the clouds getting in the way (literally), students still gained plenty from the experience, with many of them commenting on the event positively. 

Amaris, 7F, told us: 'I really enjoyed the astronomy evening! Not only did I learn a multitude of cool facts about the universe, I also got to see how you could work and use a telescope. I also took part in a fun quiz activity, which I really enjoyed.'

Hamza, 7F, said: 'The astronomy evening was a fun evening, full of fun activities and there was lots of new knowledge to be discovered.'

Events such as the Astronomy Evening are a really important part of our calendar at Ruislip High School, where we are committed to extending learning beyond the classroom. We would like to thank the Science Department for running the event.