Year 11 and Year 13 Theatre Trip - 'As You Like It'

On Thursday 7th September, the school’s drama department headed out on an extremely balmy evening to watch a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ at The Globe, on London’s Southbank. 

The trip, attended by Year 11 and Year 13 drama students, was the first of several trips being led by the department this term, with a view to both enhancing our students’ cultural capital, but also - more specifically - to give our drama student an experience of a wide variety of different types of theatre. This is vital when studying the subject, as not only does it bring the subject to life for students, taking it from the classroom to a real world context, but it also has the potential to inspire students, who are required to devise their own dramatic pieces as a part of the GCSE and A Level courses. 

Performances at The Globe are always an atmospheric treat, and it seems ‘As You Like It’ did not disappoint! Simmeicia, Year 13, said the play was ‘Dazzling, fantastic and amazing! It was slay.’

Meanwhile, Katie, Year 11, said: ‘The play was incredible. I felt really seen. It really resonated with me strongly.’

Finally, Max, Year 11, said: ‘It was an amazing play, with some great actors. But as always, I had such an enjoyable time with the drama crew. Can’t wait for the next trip!’

Thank you to Mr Randall, Curriculum Leader for Drama, for organising the trip so early into the term. It sounds like it was very much appreciated by all of the students.