Year 10 and Year 11 Trip to Berlin

On Saturday 11th February, some of our Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE history students headed off for a residential trip to Berlin, Germany. Led by Mr Maud, the visit is an excellent opportunity for students to see sites from World War II and the Cold War, which helps to bring their course to life. 

During their time in Germany’s capital city, students explored the rich and diverse history of Berlin. The sites visited included a visit to the concentration camp, Sachsenhausen, and the Jewish Museum Berlin. This gave students an opportunity to reflect on why it is important not to forget or gloss over elements of world history which might be difficult to learn about, so the mistakes of the past are not repeated. 

Students also got to visit the Stasi Museum, which is on the former grounds of the headquarters of the GDR Ministry for State Security and the Berlin Wall; two reminders of life in Cold War Germany and the divide between east and west which once existed in the city.

Connor, Year 11, who attended the trip said: “The trip to Berlin was excellent. Every place we visited was really interesting and I feel like they were all very important to see. They really brought things I have learnt in history to life.”

All students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and they represented RHS with pride whilst abroad. Thank you to all of the staff who supported the trip during February half term.