World Cup Maths Challenge

On Wednesday 7th December, Year 9 students at Ruislip High School took part in a live event, hosted by AMSP Maths. Our students were one of 80 teams and got the chance to compete against other schools from London and the South East of England. The theme of the challenge was the 2022 Football World Cup. This theme was combined with the maths curriculum, targeted at KS3 students. 

Our Year 9 students performed spectacularly; the questions required students to have an understanding of higher level maths, logical thinking and football. The students got thoroughly stuck into the day, with a competitive spirit and utilising their mathematical skills brilliantly. This enrichment event helped students to see how maths is linked to other activities in real life contexts and it helps to create a lifelong love for mathematics. 

Our students kept their place on the leaderboard throughout the quiz, which lasted for one hour.  The students were thrilled when the result was announced that the RHS team came in second place. Taking part in these types of live events for the first time, and coming in second place, highlights our students' dedication to success and high ambitions for themselves. 

Well done to all members of the RHS Maths Team: Jalel, Isabel, Haroon, Deveshi, Elena, Mohamed, Alfie, Riley, Dorian, Zayed, Amreen, Neel, Harun and Alex. 

Zayed, who was part of the team who came second said: “We were so close to beating the other team, but we were so happy we came second! The day was really challenging and I had a great time.”

Another student who took part, Elena, told us: “The competition was really fun! It was definitely great to get to use our Maths skills outside the classroom.”

Ms Jani, the Mathematics Across the Curriculum Coordinator, said: “The competition was a very proud moment for the Maths department and I would like to congratulate the students who took part in the challenge, and parents of the students who supported the event.”