VLT Poetry Project

On Wednesday 21st February, five of our Year 7 students took part in the VLT’s Poetry Project Launch, run by Michael Walsh, and hosted at Field End Junior School.

During the course of the sessions, students studied poems in workshops before composing their own poem, which they may submit to a competition. As this is the pilot of the project, five Year 5-7 students from each school across the VLT were selected to participate in the day. 

After a cold and wet journey on foot to Field End, the students were relieved to be in the warmth of a primary school, with a couple of them commenting on the nostalgia of the primary school atmosphere. Once the sessions commenced, the students were fully immersed in the study of the poems ‘If All the World Were Paper’ and ‘Rainbow’, which brought much needed joy to contrast the gloom of the weather. 

Our five students were a real credit to RHS, with their highly impressive and sophisticated interpretations of the poems, alongside their originality and creativity when it came to writing their own poems.

George, Year 7, explained how it was a “wonderful experience, full of creativity, and very interesting to share our ideas with other people.” 

We look forward to our second session in March. Keep on the lookout for our budding poets - maybe one day they’ll be Poet Laureates!