RHS Student Stars: Front Page of the Hillingdon Herald

Rhys, Year 11, Front Page of The Hillingdon Herald

Rhys, Year 11, has been recognised by Brunel University of a ‘beacon of hope’ for the local community and disabled children across the UK.

Reporting in their university newspaper, The Hillingdon Herald, Rhys, who was featured on the front page of the publication, was featured for his role in ‘Newlife’ a charity of disabled children.

In addition, for Rhys’ fantastic charitable efforts and knowing he is a huge football fan, Rhys has been provided with free season tickets to Uxbridge Football Club. A spokesperson from Uxbridge FC said: “Despite facing hurdles and opposition, Rhys and his family stand as beacons of resilience, courage and hope.”

Well done to Rhys for everything he has achieved - and we hope you enjoy some excellent local football next season.