Race to Mars Competition

5 May 22

Last Thursday a groupĀ of six year 9 students took part in the Race to Mars competition in Brunel University. There were a variety of puzzles, practicals and quick fire questions that they had to complete in teams with six other schools to gain the most points by the end of the day. Pearl P and Katie B were involved in the winning group where they won chocolates and medals.

Despite transport issues, all students showed great resilience and patience throughout the day; they were able to look around the Brunel campus, use their creativity to build a fort and were allowed to experience the interactive dome within the University.

The studentsĀ 'enjoyed working with people they had never met before from other schools' and found the competition 'very interesting with lots of practicals and exciting problem solving questions'. The competition also allowed them to 'see a new perspective of science' and 'make new friends'. Overall it was a great day for all.