GCSE and A Level Theatre Trip

On Monday 19th February, the Drama department took the Year 11-13 students studying either GCSE or A Level drama to watch a performance of The Frogs at The Kiln Theatre, in Kilburn. 

The performance, from the UK’s leading physical comedy ensemble Spymonkey, was a ‘delirious trip through Greek theatre, a monster-filled Underworld and classic vaudeville double acts’.

The hilarious and often bizarre production was a comedic adaptation of the Greek tragedy by Aristophanes. The drama department selected the production, as it was a contrast to the haunting and brutal tragedy of ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ which they saw during the Autumn Term. Equally, The Kiln Theatre continues to prove to be a fantastic venue for live theatre for our students; everyone enjoyed the melting pot of performances in this production!

Max, Year 11, commented: “The trip was lots of fun. The show was honestly like watching a mad dream, but it was definitely worth watching. We are really lucky that the school organises trips like this for us to go on.”

Thank you to the staff who led the trip and to the students for being excellent ambassadors to the school, whilst at the performance. Year 10 will have the opportunity to visit the The Kiln Theatre in April and the drama department looks forward to continuing to build a relationship with the venue.