Christmas Concert

On Wednesday 20th December, the RHS Music Department hosted a musical extravaganza to end the term: The RHS Christmas Concert. This musical event saw a range of performances from students from across the school, in all year groups. 

The evening was hosted by Year 11 student Pearl, who led us through a packed programme, which included our all-school choir - who meet as one of our school Above & Beyond clubs - to our Year 10 and 11 GCSE Music classes, who had also prepared performances. In addition, there was a solo vocal performance from Mia in Year 10; a piano performance from Rahul in Year 11; and our RHS Band also performed several numbers, much to the delight of the evening’s audience. 

Led by the Curriculum Leader for Music, Ms Nastou, the evening was a true showcase of the exceptional talent we have here at Ruislip High School and it was wonderful for the students to have the opportunity to show their hard work off to their friends and family. It is very clear there is a real community spirit amongst the musicians and each performer, when watching one another, was rooting each other on to perform their best. 

A real highlight of the evening was a beautiful poem, written by Year 10 student, Hugo, which was read out to begin the event. Hugo’s words were atmospheric and really set the festive tone. The poem is written out in full at the end of the article. 

Pearl, the evening’s host, said: “I adore being a part of the music department and I was delighted to host this evening. I feel like I have taken part in a moment of the school’s history, as it is the first time we have done an event like this. It really has been a special event.”

Edward, Year 11, said: “I always appreciate any chance I have to perform. I absolutely loved this evening and I am always so thankful to Ms Nastou for her passion in the way she leads the subject at the school.”

Thank you to all of the students and parents who supported the event - we are certain you enjoyed the show as much as we did. 

Christmas Concert Poem written by Hugo, Year 10:

In winter's hush, a melody sweet,

Christmas whispers in notes discreet.

People shiver, a frostbitten nose,

Music wraps the season’s close.

Carols dance like falling snow,

A symphony of festive glow.

Guitars strumming, hearts align,

In Christmas tunes, joy entwined.

Through the sound, the heart finds its way,

A carol, a lullaby, a serenade to stay.

Christmas and music, connected and true,

A timeless bond, a festive hue.

Drums beat to a yuletide rhyme,

Sleigh bells echo, marking time.

A carol's warmth, a timeless song,

In music's embrace, we all belong.