24 Game competition

On Monday 13th March 2024, Ms Jani hosted the annual 24 Game competition at Ruislip High School. Year 7 students from different schools in Hillingdon Borough took part in this challenge.

This year the students of following schools took part: Ruislip High School, Queensmead School, Bishop Ramsey, Swakeleys School, Northwood School, Rosedale College, Vyners School and Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School. There were two teams from each school.

The event was supported by Mrs Austen as well as a number of Year 12 Maths students. Maths teachers also came to help out and helped in marking and supporting the students.

The headteacher, Mr. Davies, started the competition by giving an introductory speech and Ms. Jani continued the challenge with 3 rounds. The students needed to make 24 by using BIDMAS to answer the interactive questions provided on the screen. For the first round, the time for each question was 1 minute, for the second round, for each question the time was 1.5 minutes and for the third round, for each question, the time was 2 minutes. For each round, there were 10 questions.

The environment of the event was very competitive and the students were well engaged. The students at Ruislip High school did extremely well and came in 5th place.

The event was a huge success and we look forward to hosting this event again next year.

"It creates a sense of community between the students in different schools." - Hiruni Y, Y12 student.