A Level Maths

Course Content

Year 12

AS level students study two modules over the course of one year.

Pure Mathematics 1

Students study a variety of topics: algebra and functions, quadratic functions, equations and inequalities, sketching curves, coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane, differentiation and integration, the binomial expansion, radian measure and its applications, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, vectors, exponentials and logarithms.

This module will be largely based on students’ knowledge of algebra from past years. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics in mathematics that would be helpful in the real world.  For students continuing in Year 13 to study A level mathematics these topics will be studied in more depth in the next module, Pure Mathematics 2 during Year 13

Statistics and Mechanics 1

Students study many topics in statistics varying from different distributions to probability. These will cover many real-life situations and why statistics in particular is extremely useful for students in their future. In mechanics students model real world situations, developing modelling techniques involving a variety of forces and motion. 

Year 13

  • Pure Mathematics 2
  • Statistics and Mechanics  2

Students will cover more pure mathematics and the applied modules, statistics and mechanics. These two modules build on what was studied in Year 12 but in much greater depth.

How will students be assessed?

Pure mathematics 1: 2 hour exam

Pure mathematics 2: 2 hour exam

Statistics and mechanics: 2 hour exam