A Level History

Course Content

Year 12

Part one: Consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty: England, 1485–1547

Students look at the extent to which the Tudor family secured their dynasty. They will investigate the character and nature of Henry VII and his son Henry VIII. They will address the changes in government, society, economics and religion.

Part two: The Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalin, 1917-29

Students will focus on the nature of revolution in Russia during 1917 and the subsequent rise of communism and the Bolshevik Party. They will investigate the nature of Stalin’s rise to power.

Year 13

Students will continue chronologically with the above two topics started at AS Level and also pursue an individual study.

Part one: England: turmoil and triumph, 1547–1603

Students will look at the changes made to England by Edward, Mary and Elizabeth with a focus on the extent and nature of social, political, economic and religious change.

Part two: Stalin’s Rule, 1929–1953

Students will study the changing nature of communism under Stalin and the effects on politics and society in Russia. They will investigate the impact of WWII and look at Russia’s emergence as a superpower.

Part three: Historical Investigation

The students will write a personal study of up to 3500 words based around the issue of the changing nature of civil rights in modern America.

How will students be assessed?

There will be two 2 hour 30 minute exams that will count for 40% each of the final mark. The personal study will count for 20% of the final mark.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students will get the opportunity to take part in conferences for both parts of the course. Year 13 will be attending a conference on the Tudors run by eminent historian David Starkey taking place in London.