A Level English Language

What is English Language A Level?

  • A scientific study of English, thinking about the meaning of language, how language is affected by the person and situation, how we learn language and how language changes.
  • A way of developing your use of English, through analysis of texts and the chance to create your own texts.

Course Content

Textual Variations and Representations: Students will analyse how texts are produced to have impact upon readers.

Child Language Development: Students will discover how children acquire speech and learn to read and write.

Language Diversity and Change: Students will consider how factors such as gender, ethnicity and occupation affect our language and how and why language changes over time.

Language Investigation and Writing: Students will investigate an area of language they find interesting and hone their writing skills.

How will students be assessed?

Two exams which are both 2 hours, 30 minutes and worth 40% each.

Coursework which is worth 20%.

Suggested Reads...

Bauer, Laurie and Trudgil, Peter ( ed.)  Language Myths

Bragg, Melvin The Adventure of English

Bryson, Bill Mother Tongue

Crystal, D. Txtng: The Gr8 Db8

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