A Level Art

Course Content

The first year of the course will focus on the development of understanding and skills, using an appropriate range of materials, processes and techniques.

This is a two-year course where students will produce a practical portfolio with supporting contextual research in response to a personal theme set by the school. This is called the Personal Investigation.

This portfolio will consist of a sustained project. It will be presented in appropriate formats, for example sketchbooks, mounted sheets, maquettes, prototypes, digital presentations or illustrated written work.

There is no restriction on the scale of the work produced or the timeframe for undertaking the work, but students should carefully select, organise and present their work providing evidence of meeting all four assessment objectives.

Students must show they have:

  • Independently developed ideas
  • Produced artwork informed by contextual sources
  • Explored different techniques and processes
  • Recorded observations relevant to their intentions
  • Critically reviewed and refined their work as it progresses
  • Used their planning and preparation to produce a coherent realisation.

The supporting contextual research

Students are required to establish the related context in which their chosen practical portfolio exists through this written component.

This may be established by exploring the genre, subject matter, movement, historical framework or theme.

The aim of the related study is to enable students to develop their ability to communicate their knowledge and understanding of art historical movements as well as building their understanding of the relationship between society and art.

The Externally set task

This is given to students in February. Students have three months of preparatory time prior to their 15 hour supervised time period. There will be a choice of seven themes; students will select one option for which they will generate an appropriate personal response for assessment.

How will students be assessed?

Component 01 is the Personal investigation; this component is a non-exam assessment. It is internally marked and externally moderated. This component is marked out of 96 and contributes 60% to the overall weighting of the A Level.

Component 02 is the externally set task and is a non-exam assessment. It is internally marked and externally moderated. This component is marked out of 96 and contributes 40% to the overall weighting of the A Level.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

In 2018/2019 we are hoping to offer trips in and around London as part of the GCE Art course. Currently students are expected to visit galleries and exhibitions throughout the course. Students are offered skill-based workshops where new art techniques are taught.