Young Shakespeare Company visit to RHS

On Thursday 9th March, Year 11 students were lucky enough to participate in a Macbeth workshop run by the Young Shakespeare Company. A team of professional actors performed key scenes to bring Shakespeare’s classic tragedy to life. By breaking down the play into a series of fast-paced moments, the actors enabled students to appreciate the drama of ‘Macbeth’. The actors focused on key turning points and dramatic scenes, such as the meetings between Macbeth and the witches, the moment Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost and the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff. Students were also invited to participate in the activities to engage them in the dramatic and language techniques employed by Shakespeare and to explore the emotions and motives of the characters at different points in the play. While we do share various film interpretations and video clips in class to explore different interpretations of ‘Macbeth’ and bring the play to life, there is no substitute for live performance of Shakespeare, and we were all hugely privileged to be able to enjoy this from the Young Shakespeare company on Thursday.
Here’s what the students had to say:
‘It was an entertaining way of learning Macbeth.’ Jaimini, 11W
‘The repetition of the key quotes and the detailed focus on the key scenes helped me to remember the important parts of the play. The actors performed and discussed the scenes which was helpful and analytical.’ Asly, 11C
‘It was interesting to hear from another point of view, rather than a teacher or another student.’ Amit, 11A
‘It was really good.’ Donaldo, 11W
‘It was great! I didn’t want to leave to go to my next lesson!’ Miss Hill
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