VLT Maths Challenge 2021

On Wednesday 20th October 2021, Ruislip High School hosted the very first Vanguard Learning Trust Maths Challenge between six schools. The schools involved were: Field End Primary School, Hermitage Primary School, Ruislip High School, Ryefield Primary School, ACS International Schools and Vyners School.

The challenge took place remotely with students in the comfort of their own classrooms competing against other schools in teams of four.

The Maths challenge consisted of five different rounds which involved topics such as the 24 game (where you have to make 24 using the four numbers given using only the four operations). Have a go at one below:

The other rounds were a combination of the UK Maths Challenge questions, Financial Mathematics and Problem Solving.

The competition was closely contested with the Gold Medal being won by Vyners School. The Silver Medal was awarded to Hermitage Primary School and the Bronze medal was jointly awarded to Field End Junior School and Ruislip High School.

The Mathematics Department at Ruislip High School would like to congratulate all participants, especially the winners. We hope this competition will continue as an integral part of the VLT calendar.