Visit by Suzy Stride to A-level politics classes

Suzy Stride was invited to visit Ruislip High School on Wednesday 1st February 2017 to talk to the Year 12 and 13 politics classes.
Suzy was a student at Dr Lecky’s previous school, The Grey Coat Hospital. She was brought up in Tower Hamlets and was the only student in her year to secure a place at Cambridge University where she read geography. She was involved in youth and community projects in Cambridge and remains a keen football player.
Suzy used to work for a charity tackling social exclusion and unemployment in East London. She is focused particularly on diverting young people away from crime and into education and work. For almost ten years, Suzy has worked with young people and families from some of the poorest estates in the country running programmes to tackle unemployment. She passionately wants to give people the opportunity to meet their hopes and aspirations.
She is very passionate about having the right policies to ensure all young people whatever their background can fulfil their potential. Suzy was selected to be Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harlow in 2011.
In 2011 she worked as a policy advisor to Baroness Jan Royall who led the Policy review on “What makes Politics Count for Young People”.
Suzy said about her visit to Ruislip High School: “I loved meeting amazingly bright and engaged students. I can definitely see some future leaders coming from the classes I met. A fantastic school, with so much opportunity for its students, with staff that are passionate and inspiring.”
The students commented afterwards:
Year 12 students:
  • Motivational, inspiring, the new and improved Theresa May!
  • Motivational and hell-bent on getting young people involved and engaged in politics.
  • Finally, a politician focused on the youth!
Year 13 students
  • Having listened to Suzy I believe she has inspired me to get involved more with politics and that your upbringing should not determine how well you do in life.
  • The talk has further strengthened my view that a normal young person can make a difference and change the way our country is run. It has given me hope that if more people are like Suzy, positive change can be brought around.
  • Suzy’s speech was empowering, helping to establish my vision of a political system supported by the public, instead of being attacked without any rational reason.
Dr Lecky said: “I am really proud of Suzy’s commitment to increase young adults’ engagement in politics. I always knew she was an individual who would try to make the world a better place and, listening to her speak to our sixth form students, I was so impressed with her dedication to inspire the next generation.”