Year 12 and 13: Geneva, Switzerland science trip to CERN

During the February half term, 23 A Level students visited CERN in Geneva. The visit took place from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 16th February and students were accompanied by Mr Gould, Mr Maclean and Ms Wong. 

Mr Gould, Assistant Headteacher writes, 'On the first day we took a boat trip around Lake Geneva (le lac Leman) seeing the sights of this beautiful city with Mont Blanc as a backdrop. After the boat trip we visited the History of Science Museum, which for me was real highlight! 

Day 2 was the main event: a visit to the world famous nuclear research facility, CERN. Our guide, Professor Keisho Hidaka, was truly inspiring. Having worked at CERN since the mid-1990s, Professor Hidaka knew everything! The students asked insightful questions and the professor said “you have many budding CERN researchers in your group.” The main exhibitions, Microcosm and the Universe of Particles were spectacular although the students seemed more taken with fantastic food on offer in the cafeteria! After a full day at CERN, everybody was in the mood for a treat: fondue and Swiss folk music. A great night was had by all: fondue, Swiss sausage and live music. A number of the party, including Mr Maclean, tried their hand at playing a giant Swiss horn, some with more success than others!

The final day of the trip was spent at the Red Cross museum and at the UN. Both were remarkable in their own way. Everyone agreed that it would have been great to have more time at both. Next year maybe. The journey back from the UN was the highlight for many: a double decker train!”

Here’s what the students had to say:

“It was amazing to see someone at CERN get so excited about their research. His passion has really motivated me to approach A-level physics with the same energy!” – Jordan.

“Fon, doo you think I enjoyed the CERN trip? Well I can tell you that I very well did! Fondue, double decker trains and CERN – a fantastic trip! Thank you!” – Hannah.

“The students were an absolute joy take abroad – a wonderful trip.” – Mr Gould