Theme Day 2016

This year’s Theme Day took place on Friday 21st October. Based around the year’s school theme of unity, this exciting whole-school event saw students in every year group taking part in activities away from the usual timetable. The day was based around students building unity as a team to overthrow the evil Lord Elsby who wants the world to be selfish as he is.

The day also featured students taking part in a special assembly with guest speaker James Ketchell. Following a serious motorcycling accident in 2007 that nearly lost him the use of his legs, James Ketchell became the first British person to row single handed across the Atlantic and summit Mount Everest. In 2013, James embarked on an 18,000 mile unsupported global cycle, through 20 countries and cycling on average 100 miles a day. His key message is that we can all potentially set ourselves difficult goals and achieve them: the capability to succeed is within everyone.

Quotes by students:

‘James Ketchell’s talk was really motivational. It has made me want to push to do what I want to in my life.’ Matthew, Year 11

‘I’ve learnt never to give up from the speaker James Ketchell.’ Emily, Year 8

‘The day was amazingly challenging.’ Jessie, Year 8

‘I loved it!’ Kyle, Year 7

‘Lord Elsby was funny.’ Chelsea, Year 7