Summer Fair 2017

Friday 16th June 2017 saw Ruislip High’s sixth annual summer fair. The sun shone as the school prepared to celebrate forty years of change, with each year group creating a stall linked to a different decade. Year 7 had the 1970s and had stalls celebrating flower power, whilst Year 8 had the 1980s and stalls included a silent disco of 1980s music and a celebration of the classic film ‘Labyrinth’. Year 9 focused on the 1990s and had lots of focus on the sporting events of the decade, although a very popular moment was 9F’s ‘soak the teacher’ stall when Head of Year 9 Mr Stent was repeatedly drenched by Year 9 students. Year 10’s stalls celebrated the 1960s with a ‘beat the goalie’ competition to reflect the 1966 world cup and stalls celebrating famous films of the decade. Molly in 7B commented that she ‘loved learning how people lived during the different decades’. The fair also included lots of rides, a BBQ, a DJ, ice cream van and raffle.