Students take part in CERN symposium

Ruislip High students took part in the CERN Symposium event on Thursday 16th November. CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and students attended as part of Ruislip High’s programme to engage girls in Physics. The event took place at the Science and Technology Facilities Council in Oxford, where schools across the country came together to present their own research projects.

Ruislip High students have been testing the Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation from soil samples across the UK. Despite being the youngest students there, Hannah (Year 12) delivered a brilliant speech, presenting alongside Reem (Year 11), Ella (Year 11) and Aiobhin (Year 11).

This research was presented to a lecture room full of students and professors. The students were so excited to be there and enthusiastically networked with the professors to hopefully be involved with future projects which could potentially lead their research to be published in academic papers.

The full list of students taking part were: Hannah (Year 12), Isobel (Year 12), Saraenyaa (Year 11), Ella (Year 11), Ula (Year 11), Reem (Year 11), Ivy (Year 11) and Aiobhin (Year 11).

Science teacher Ms Chahwala said, “Our students were phenomenal and we’re very proud of their presentation and certificate!”