Students enjoy Wembley cup final atmosphere

Twenty-six Ruislip High students attended the FA women’s cup final on Saturday 5th May to watch Chelsea v Arsenal as part of the PE reward trip. The students were selected because they had either attended sports clubs and received the most sports credits or are students who have been awarded sports colours due to their high standard of performance in a particular sport and/or represent the school in a number of extra-curricular activities.

It was an exciting match at Wembley Stadium, with Chelsea Ladies beating Arsenal Women 3-1. Chelsea’s first two goals were scored by Ramona Bachmann with a third added by Fran Kirby.

Students were accompanied by Ms McGuigan, Mr Palmer and Mrs Deacon. 

Liberty in Year 9 said, “It was such a great atmosphere and exciting to be there. We were all pleased to have collected enough sports points to go.”

Trip leader Ms McGuigan said, “The students had a fantastic evening and helped contribute towards a record breaking 45,000 attendees to the match. The PE department were extremely impressed with the group’s behaviour especially when travelling to the trip on the tube. Congratulations to all who were selected and we look forward to next year’s trip.”