Students enjoy Macbeth at the Globe Theatre

Ruislip High students enjoyed a theatrical experience on Tuesday 22nd January. 20 students from Year 11 went to The Globe Theatre to watch a production of Macbeth and an introductory talk by Oxford Scholar, Dr Emma Smith and Emma, a globe theatre actor who has previously performed the part of Lady Macbeth.

The talk was a study of a particular scene and element of the play and then the students watched a production of the play in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, the inside space of the Globe.

Students were accompanied by Ms Marsh and Ms Austen. Organiser Ms Marsh said, “We had a wonderful time at the theatre. The production really brought the text to life for these students studying the play for their GCSEs. The talk beforehand also offered students an insight as to what it might be like to study Shakespeare at University level.”

Lily 11F: “I really enjoyed listening the talk before the production and have taken lots of useful ideas away that I could put into my writing.”