Student volunteers shine at Year 6 open evening

Year 6 open evening on Thursday 4th October was, as always, an exciting event at Ruislip High. The students really do take over to sell their school!

The Heads of Year found it easy to each recruit an army of volunteer guides for the Year 6 visitors and their parents/guardians. The guides lined up eagerly in the atrium ready to individually escort guests around the school. Guides were students from Year 9 and above, while in subject departments dozens of Year 7 and 8 volunteers helped explain to the primary school children what lessons at Ruislip High are like. The ‘U’ in the RUISLIP values stands for unity, and the wonderful community feel at Year 6 open evening really showed what it’s like to be a part of Ruislip High School. Please see below for a selection of photos from the Year 6 open evening.