Sophie Murphy visits Ruislip High School

Sophie Murphy, ex-Ruislip High School (RHS) student who left in July 2014, visited RHS on Monday 25th February 2019 to speak to eighteen students in Years 11, 12 and 13 who have applied (Year 13) or are considering applying (Years 11 and 12) to read medicine at university.

Sophie spoke candidly to students about her progression from A Levels which led her to read biomedical science at Warwick University gaining the highest grade in her cohort through to being offered several places on the graduate medicine degree course (4 years rather than 5 or 6). Sophie is currently in her third year of a medicine degree.

Year 13 students also shared their experiences to date with the UKCAT exams which all students have to take before applying and the BMAT exam which is required by specific universities including Oxford and Cambridge. 

All students provided feedback afterwards about what they had learned which included:

‘Sophie opened up my eyes to the hard decisions and challenges doctors face.’ Thiviyaa (Year 11)

‘I’ve learnt that I do fit the criteria of being a doctor and it makes me excited for my future. It reminds me of what my life will be like and what I am working so hard for.’ Tamara (Year 11) 

‘The experience has portrayed to me that medicine is not only about intelligence and grades but more about how you present yourself and how you interact with other people. It has also shown me that to do medicine you have to display skills and lessons that you have learnt throughout your life and during work experience.’ Angath (Year 11)

‘I have learnt about how important communication and strategic thinking is within medicine and how this can impact university interviews.’ Ula (Year 12)

‘I learned how valuable lab experience can be and the possible benefits of completing a research degree before a medical degree.’ Charlotte (Year 13)

‘I have an even better understanding of what the life of a medical student is like and the challenges they face.’ Marya (Year 13)

We are delighted that Zoe, Charlotte and Marya, Year 13 students, have all received conditional offers to read medicine in September 2019.

Dr Lecky, Headteacher, said afterwards:

‘I was really proud listening to Sophie’s honest narrative about her determination and tenacity to become a doctor; it certainly resonates with our school’s ambition to ‘reach for the sky’ and one of our own school values of perseverance. I know Sophie will make an excellent doctor as she has the skills and attributes to make a difference to others’ lives. I believe she inspired another generation of Ruislip High students to apply for medicine.’