Sixth Formers inspired by neuroscience talk

Sixth Form students attended a special extended assembly on neuroscience given by Jeremy Dudman-Jones on Wednesday 23rd January 2019.

Mr Dudman-Jones is the Assistant Headteacher at Greenford High School and is also a council member of Learnus, a community of researchers and educators dedicated to promoting neuroscience in schools - both in terms of research and evidence - in order to impact students’ learning. 

The talk focused on many aspects of neuroscience, with a particular emphasis on areas that are linked to the teenage brain. Mr Dudman-Jones explained sleep patterns in adolescents; he highlighted the differences in the circadian rhythms of adolescents, compared to adults, showing the impact of delayed melatonin secretion in the former group. The talk also gave students an introduction to neurochemistry with a detailed analysis of neurotransmitters and the effect they have on behaviour and emotions. 

Undoubtedly, the students’ highlight of the presentation was Mr Dudman-Jones’ explanation of brain plasticity in terms of the way the human brain can create, strengthen and weaken neural connections, every time an individual learns something new (or forgets something they have not thought about for a while!). This section of the talk identified the important links between neural plasticity, memory and revision strategies, and enabled students to assess their revision strategies from a neural perspective.

The Sixth Form students thoroughly enjoyed the talk and they all came away from it having learnt something new about neuroscience. 

Sagal in Year 13 (C61) said: “It was really interesting to learn about how the brain works and how that links to memory and revision techniques for exams.”

Isha in Year 13 (C61) said: “I thought this experience taught us a lot about how the brain works and the importance of brain plasticity in everyday life.”