Sixth Formers hear from Sir Harold Walker

The Sixth Form welcomes external speakers twice every half term to speak to all Year 12 students. This year the timetabled slot is Wednesdays Period 5 (Week A) in the drama studio. The first speaker on Wednesday 3rd October was Sir Harold Walker, a former British diplomat who worked mainly in the Middle East and Africa.

Sir Harold delivered a very interesting talk and inspired some excellent questions from the Sixth Formers. He spoke about what is was like to work in Ethiopia, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, and how these countries have changed over time. In particular, Sir Harold spoke about how Dubai in the UAE used to be a tiny settlement compared to what it is today.

Sir Harold also talked about the changing status of women in the Arab world and the role of social media in the Arab Spring. On social media in general, he encouraged students to focus on making real friends rather than online friends. He also recommended to students to be a part of communities as much as possible, for example joining a sports club or music group.