Sixth Formers hear from Chief Superintendent

Ruislip High would like to thank Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli from the Metropolitan Police for delivering a talk to Sixth Form Year 12 students on Friday 26th January. Raj told many interesting stories from his 25 years’ service and explained the types of incidents he helps deal with on a day-to-day basis. He also demonstrated the safety equipment he carries including explaining why police officers carry CS gas. He also explained the role he had in announcing the death of singer Amy Winehouse to the media in 2011.

He said, “I’d recommend for all of you to go to University. Although we deal with difficult situations in the police, it also offers you an amazing career and interesting development opportunities. For example, you might learn about dog handling or how the police use horses. I don’t regret going into the police. I’ve very much enjoyed my career so far. On some shifts I am organising police officers across half of London so it’s a big responsibility. Although we carry CS spray and a baton, we don’t carry guns. If I was ever asked to carry a gun, that’s the day I’d leave the police. People should also remember that police officers are real people. When I’m not on duty I might be at home on the Play Station listening to heavy metal!”