Sixth Form sea turtle protection trip to Greece

When the school summer holidays started, a group of Sixth Formers from Ruislip High visited Greece to take part in a sea turtle protection trip. The trip took place from Friday 20th July until Friday 27th July. The students’ work was based at Kyparissiakos Bay in the Peloponnese area of southern Greece, and they were led by Mr Maclean, Head of Science.

Please see below for some photos and student quotes. 

Hattie Simmons: “The trip to Greece created such a rewarding feeling for me, as I came home knowing that an animal's life has been saved from human activity due to the work I undertook. The whole experience was eye opening on conservation work and has inspired me to want to protect the planet and volunteer in the future. All of this was wrapped up in heaps of fun making new friends and being in a beautiful country, and I will never forget seeing the sunrise over the beach each morning or the stars that shone so brightly in the sky each night - (and the insects that bit me to shreds!)” 

Isabelle Charge: “It was a once in a lifetime experience knowing that we were benefiting the future turtle generations with the work we were carrying out. The activities we took part in were brilliant and included snorkelling, volleyball tournaments and a trip to Diros caves.”

Iman Elouahabi: “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity as we were able to help protect the turtles. Not only did we protect their habitat and increase their chances of survival, we were also able to understand how they impact other sea life. This trip enabled us to understand the true meaning of conservation.”

Mr Maclean said: “Our group of students worked brilliantly with the Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society in an effort to help preserve an endangered species. The work included carrying out morning surveys along the beach, using turtle tracks to find nests and protect them from predators, setting up corridors to direct the hatchlings from their nest towards the sea, carrying out night surveys to try to spot female turtles coming onto the beach and raising awareness by talking to tourists on the beach.

“The trip also allowed plenty of time for great activities which included snorkelling, playing football and volleyball on the beach, using the pool and exploring Diros caves! The 2017 Greece turtle conservation trip was a huge success and helped the students understand the benefits as well as the difficulties of carrying out conservation work to preserve the future of a species.”