Sixth Form Pantomime

On Wednesday 14th December, 70 members of the local Hillingdon community joined Ruislip High School Sixth Form students for the annual Christmas Community Event. This year, guests were not only treated to a delicious festive buffet, served up by the students, but also were the first audience for the first ever Sixth Form pantomime, ‘The Fairytale Forest’.

Written by Head of Year 12, Mrs Turner, the pantomime focused on students, Zac and Jane, who accidently found themselves in the ‘Fairytale Forest’ on their way to the exam hall. The only way to get out of the forest? Complete a series of challenges to show you possess the qualities of a worthy hero: respect, unity, integrity, self-discipline, learning, inspiration and perseverance. That’s right – the Ruislip High School values! Jane and Zac found that they must win the challenges with the help of some familiar panto faces. Highlights included: Mr Gould playing ‘crazy-old’ Maurice the misfortunate inventor; Ms Loizou who dazzled as Aladdin’s genie; Mr Maud’s bizarre mad-hatter and Ms Keenan’s slightly sinister Red Riding Hood.

Of course, the real stars of the show were the student cast members, who have worked incredibly hard all term to ensure the performance would be one to remember! Year 12 students Ella and Zachary put in excellent performances as the heroic students. The Sixth Formers were even joined by two fantastic Year 11 students, who made cameo appearances with Head Girl, Lucy, appearing as Snow White and Hannah providing her spectacular voice to sing out the importance of independence! Year 13 student John said: “The pantomime has been such a fun opportunity, we really bonded as a cast. It was great to work with members of staff, particularly staff who haven’t taught me since Year 9! I’ve had the time of my life.”

The event’s guests were delighted with the performance. One guest stated: “It was really clear from watching the performance that the staff inspire the students and that there is a huge bond between students and staff. It was like watching a family perform and support one another.” The entire event was a huge success due to the hard work of the Sixth Formers who were fantastic hosts throughout the evening, ensuring that everyone got enough to eat and drink. Guests commented on how welcome the students and school had made them feel and that they couldn’t wait for next year’s event!

A big thank you to Mrs Turner, Ms Horton, Mr Alexander and the rest of the Sixth Form team for putting on an excellent evening!