Ravi Singh visit

On Friday 24th February, 2017, Ravi Singh spoke to students from Year 10 and Year 12 about Khalsa Aid, an international non-governmental organisation, which aims to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organisation is based upon the Sikh principle of: ‘Recognise the whole human race as one’; it was founded by Ravi in 1999 and recently was the subject of a BBC programme called ‘The Selfless Sikh’. The students maturely engaged with the extremely serious content matter, including the plight of the Yazidi community in northern Iraq. As Ravi lives locally, he has also agreed to return to Ruislip High in the foreseeable future to speak to the other year groups.
Ravi emailed the following message afterwards:
"Although our focus is delivering aid around the globe, I strongly feel we must engage with the next generation to build a better world. The world has become a very small place with the introduction of internet but sadly it also has become very challenging. We must create an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance if we are too strengthen our communities and this has to start at a very young age."
Dr Lecky, Headteacher, commented afterwards:
“It was a pleasure and an honour to meet a local hero. I believe his humanitarian work is an inspiration to us all as it give us hope for the future. I was very proud of our students’ maturity as they listened attentively to his talk which dealt with challenging subject matter.”
Student quotations:
  • “I was blown away by what Ravi Singh has done for those people. It’s so inspirational.”
  • “The talk inspired me to always be positive around others and to never hate as hate will always make matters worse. By being positive and good to others, we can change the world.”
  • “Absolutely moving. We need more people like Ravi Singh in the world.”
  • “I think it was truly amazing to sit back in my chair and agree with every single word that was being said. All I could think was ‘this is what we need to change the world.’”