Prefect Selection Process

It has been a very different prefect selection process this academic year. The process itself started during the summer term when students completed their applications online. Mr Askin and Mr Randall selected the students that would proceed to the interview stage when they returned to school in September. During the first week back the interview process began. Mr Askin and Mr Randall were blown away by the standard of the interviews which led to a very difficult decision of only choosing 12 prefects in the first round and extending the review process. After a further four weeks, a further six prefects were selected and the team of 18 was complete. 


Due to such an exceptional standard of applicants, all students that interviewed and were unsuccessful were invited to join and form the Year 11 Year Team Council. Mr Askin believes that as a result of this decision, Year 11 has the strongest student leadership team the school has seen in its history and looks forward to working closely with the prefect team and the Year Team Council. 


To complete the entire process Mrs Hill and Mr Davies interviewed students for the four Senior Prefect roles. Both were extremely impressed by the standard of answers and maturity that was shown during this process. Mr Davies and Mr Askin took the successful  applicants: Hannah, Lottie, Luke and Yasmin for a tour of the new school extension and Sixth Form building where we look forward to seeing all Year 11 students continuing their studies from next September.