'Pop culture’ spin for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream'

Ruislip High students and staff gave Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream a ‘pop culture’ spin on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March. The special adaptation, with additional material from English teacher Mr Randall, featured 80s music and cultural references. It took place in the intimate atmosphere of the drama studio, newly renamed the Dame Judi Dench Studio.

The production showcased the talents of students from across the school. Performers included Maia and Maya from the Sixth Form playing Oberon and Titania respectively. There were also star turns from several Year 9 students, including Rachel playing Demetrius and Aaron playing Lysander.

The play was directed by Mr Randall and Miss Hart. Mr Randall said: 'The intense hard work, dedication and determination the students had put in was evident on the first night – it went really well and they should all be very proud of themselves.'

Mr Randall also wrote in the programme notes: 'Today, the play is performed regularly and interpreted in hugely differing ways. The recurring theme in all though is the resilience shown by all the human characters. They are utterly committed to their goals, and they fight for everything. They are inspiring even in their ridiculousness.'

Mr Alexander, Associate Director, said: 'Just when I thought the students couldn’t impress me anymore, they only went and did it with these two performances!'

Cast member Ellis (Year 8), who played part of Oberon’s Entourage, said: 'The play has been very successful and everyone worked really hard to pull it off.'

Headteacher Dr Lecky has given warm praise to the students and staff involved. Dr Lecky said: 'I left school glowing with pride at our wonderful school production. Mr Randall, Ms Hart and Mr Alexander should feel enormously proud of their collective achievement with the cast; their ambition for our students was most certainly realised. It was captivating throughout; had numerous hilarious moments superbly executed by the students; had highly creative adaptations, including contemporary references; and allowed students and staff to embark on a journey to create an excellent production. Well done to all concerned!'