Neuroscience lecture

On Wednesday 1st February, Jeremy Dudman Jones, Learnus, gave a lecture on neuroscience to 150 sixth form students at Ruislip High School (RHS). Students from eight Harrow and Hillingdon schools were invited to attend the lecture to support and extend their understanding of science and psychology A Levels.
Afterwards, Jeremy wrote to Dr Lecky: “May I thank you for the opportunity to speak at Ruislip High School last night. Might I say how impressed I was with the audience; attentive, welcoming and very engaging. It is so much easier to deliver these sorts of talks when those listening are so polite and tuned in. I was delighted that you were able to attract such a large number from such wide range of schools and I now very much look forward to this possibly being an annual event. It is always a pleasure speaking to Post 16 students and you have a really inspiring group of young people at Ruislip High.”
RHS students commented afterwards:
  • The lecture was very engaging. I was particularly interested in the part about the development of neurons as you grow older
  • The delivery was exciting and engaging. Very good audience interaction. The topics discussed were relevant to topics for the new psychology A Level specification
  • Inspirational and insightful
  • The speaker had great interactions with students which made the lecture really interesting
  • The speaker used great analogies to make it easy to understand
Dr Lecky said: “Jeremy was inspirational. He managed to engage us all with the complexities of the brain and help us apply neurological research to our everyday lives. I hope this can be an annual event for students and staff.’