More than 200 students enjoy cinema trip reward

230 Ruislip High students took part in the winter reward trip on Friday 1st February. The reward trips happen twice a year to celebrate students who have exemplary effort and behaviour records. The students secured their eligibility for the trip through consistently demonstrating their commitment to the ethos of the school through the autumn term. They visited South Ruislip Cineworld to see the new Mary Poppins film. The event took place despite the snowy conditions, and students walked to the cinema from school accompanies by 16 members of staff.

Organiser Mr Askin, Head of Year 9, said, “Despite the harsh weather conditions we were please to make sure our annual winter reward trip still went ahead. The students showed their true perseverance to walk through the ice and snow and make their way to Cineworld where they got to put their feet up and enjoy a well-deserved snack box while enjoying the film. The students really enjoyed the movie and it was a pleasure to have 230 students rewarded for their efforts in the autumn term. It was the first time the reward trip went to Cineworld and it was a huge success.”

Skylar in Year 9 said “The reward trip was excellent. It brought us all together and assured students that they are praised when they do the right thing every day. Thank you to my school for putting this event on. And to Cineworld!”

Alfie in Year 9 said, “It was really well organised. Despite the snowy weather the staff made sure we got there safely! I really enjoyed it and we got ‘munch box’ snacks too!”