Lord Randall’s amazing gift for the LRC

Not only did the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) receive a fantastic new makeover recently, we have also had a wonderful surprise donation from Lord Randall, allowing us to purchase a selection of wonderful new books for the LRC. These included books on climate change, a topic which Lord Randall is very passionate about, to help educate Ruislip High School students on such an important cause.

After taking part in the ALCS Westminster quiz, which tells Parliamentarians what kind of writer they would be and illustrated some of the challenges writers face, Lord Randall was awarded £100.00 worth of book tokens, which he kindly donated to Ruislip High School. This allowed Mrs Austen, LRC Manager, to buy fifteen books, one of which was a signed copy by the author. We would like to say a big thank you to Lord Randall for such a kind gesture, which is very much appreciated by all.

Mrs Austen
LRC Manager