Guest Speaker Anthony Bennett Gives Motivational Talk

Anthony Bennett was the guest speaker for students in Years 10, 11 and 13 on Tuesday 10th September. He spoke in the main hall about resilience as well as how to cope with exam stress and adversity in life in general.

Anthony explained that in 2006 while on a school trip, he became very ill which led to him being on a life support machine at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). He had multiple infections and a 10% chance of survival. He said, “My heart stopped 8 times and I really think that me standing here today is a miracle.”

Anthony said that this period of his life led to a long period of reflection and his role now working as an inspirational speaker around the world. He also raised £7.5million for GOSH in a partnership with hospitality company Whitbread.

Anthony told the students, “For me I have two voices in my head, the dreamer voice, and what I call the ‘puller-backer’. To achieve your goals and to be successful, listen more to the dreamer voice. Over time, this will help you overcome your fears. Bit by bit, you can achieve anything. The absolutely applies to your school grades.”

The photos show Anthony delivering one of his presentations in the main hall.