GCSE History visit to Munich

Fifty-five students in Year 11 studying GCSE History took part in a residential visit to Munich from Saturday 22nd October to Wednesday 26th October. The itinerary included visiting Nuremburg, taking in the sites of the mass annual Nazi rallies, a visit to a museum documenting the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and a tour around the courtrooms where the Nazi war criminals were tried. The pinnacle of the tour was a visit to Dachau Concentration Camp just outside Munich, which was liberated by the US Army on the 29th April 1945, the day before Adolf Hitler shot himself in an underground bunker in Berlin, signalling the end of WWII. Mr Maud, Curriculum Leader of History, said that the Ruislip High students were fantastic ambassadors for the school throughout the visit.

Mr Maud said, “Whilst I watched our students learn about the concentration camp and pay their own respects to those that died there I was left with a real feeling of pride. Every student and teacher was left humbled by the visit and seeing history first hand is an experience that even years of study in the classroom cannot rival.”

Quotes from students

“I really enjoyed the enriching and educational experience, my favourite part was visiting the town centre in the evening. Munich was fantastic, I am so glad I went." Emma Chapman

“I think that the trip to Munich was both fun and educational. I learnt a lot about the concentration camps in Dachau. My highlight of the trip was going round Munich with my friends. I also enjoyed going to the Allianz Arena.” Aleksandra Rusiecka

“The history trip to Munich was a very interesting trip. I enjoyed learning about the concentration camp as it really put the horrors of war into perspective and made me feel sympathy for the victims." Luke Gilmore 

“The trip was amazing. A personal highlight was meeting David Alaba. We learnt a lot. Dachau was a great learning experience as it was a really powerful place.” Alex Cox